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Script Editing
I write, train & edit

Hi! If you're looking for script or story advice you've come to exactly the right place.

My name is Guy Meredith and I'm delighted to pass on my thirty years of experience working on both film and tv scripts as well as novels. I've worked with the BBC, ITV, international film and tv production companies and top publishers. I've mentored award-winning scriptwriters and best selling authors.

In short, I'm a story expert and I'd like to make you one too.

Below are three separate ways in which I can help you to realise your full potential as a writer and make your script or novel as saleable as possible. Please take the time to browse around and come back to me.

Scriptwriting: The Mechanics

This e-manual is my 140 page guide to all aspects of writing. It covers everything from initial idea to characterisation, plot development, story tools and structure to final text.


I offer a one-to-one consultancy service on individual projects, whether single films, tv series or novels. This service is regularly used by professional writers as well as broadcasters and production companies.


I run regular seminars and workshops. They range across a wide variety of subjects from character building and story structure to more specialised subjects such as comic writing techniques.

"I wanted to say thank you for the course. I thought your material was very inspiring and I found the handouts hugely useful - definitely will help me in the future"
- Glynn Ryland, BBC executive